Private label

Private label

Are you looking for organic biscuits with your own trusted appearance?
We would be happy to explore the possibilities of developing a product that matches your house style.

  • Vegan (fully vegetable-based)
  • Sweetened with natural grain and fruit syrups
  • Fibre rich by using wholegrain flours and bran
  • Filled with characteristic raw materials and spices
  • Free of various allergens
  • Based on specific nutritional value
  • In your own trusted packaging
  • Individual packaging per 35 to 50 grams
  • Packaged in block-bottom bags from 175 to 250 grams
  • Sealed or closed with a clip

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We are always clear and transparent in our discussions, so you immediately know what to expect from Bill’s Natural Bakery!

Are you looking for a wide existing range of organic biscuits without refined sugars, which is fully vegetable-based? As the proud manufacturer of Billy’s Farm products, we would like to offer our products as widely as possible and are continuously on the lookout for points of sale and distributors all over the world. Find more information on becoming a point of sale or becomning a distributor.

Read more about the Bill’s Natural Bakery working method or about how we guarantee our quality.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of developing a private label?

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