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“At our bakery, we only prepare organic ingredients that guarantee 100% genuine products”

Billy’s Farm is the brand for tasty organic cookies without the addition of cane and beet sugar. The cookies are sweetened with syrups made from grain and fruit, creating a natural flavour. Consequently, the collection of Billy’s Farm is often suitable for people with allergies.

Billy’s Farm cookies originate from the demand for cookies without refined sugar, although we also bake them because these cookies have a far more natural taste. Because of allergies to wheat, soy, eggs and milk, for example, certain cookies are made by Billy’s Farm using spelt and are only made from plants.

Only organic ingredients = 100% genuine products

The entire Billy’s Farm collection has the European organic logo. This means that all the ingredients come from organic farming. Our flour comes directly from the mill because this is the best way to preserve the flavour, colour and structure. Each type of grain has specific fibres and nutrients with various characteristics. That is why we use several types of grains for our cookies, such as Spelt, Oat, Wheat, Kamut, Barley, Rye, Quinoa and Buckwheat.

For maximum preservation of vitamins and minerals, our syrups are derived from environmental friendly and simple production processes. The cookies get a natural grain flavour and you taste the ingredients better than in regular cookies, which are often rich in sugar.

“Consumers choose organic products because it is better for the environment. Others do so because they find that the products are healthier or they fit with their lifestyle of a sugar-free diet. We definitely relate to this and we also believe that organic just tastes better!”

Bessen - Billy's Farm

Billy’s Farm cookies fit in a vegan diet and lifestyle

The vegan quality mark guarantees that our products are vegan: they do not contain ingredients from animals. This is a must for people who do not consume meat, fish and animal products, such as dairy, eggs and honey. Consequently, our bakery does not use dairy products and eggs. In addition, our ingredients suppliers guarantee that no cross infection has occurred. An example of this is the pure chocolate that we add to cookies that need to be dairy-free. That means that our cookies are definitely vegan cookies.

Many of our cookies are baked in non-hydrogenated palm oil. Non-hydrogenated palm oil is an edible and healthy choice. It is nutritious, non-hydrogenated and does not contain transfats. The saturated fats are different than saturated animal fats. Palm oil contains a lot of vitamin E, which prevents oxidation and the creation of free fatty acids. It is an ideal ingredient for baking because it can be heated well without causing harmful substances, it also guarantees a long shelf life and the taste is pleasant.

Palm oil comes from Brazil and has a renewable origin. Large-scale palm oil production can have negative effects, such as damaging valuable nature, violating the land rights of the local population and excessive use of pesticides. To prevent this, companies in the palm oil industry have united in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). This organisation ensures that plantations do not expand at the expense of the tropic rain forests and areas with high bio diversity. We are also RSPO certified and use only sustainable palm oil.

Beside palmolie we uses non-hydrogenated coconut oil, which contains, among other things, medium-chain saturated fats. These are absorbed faster and only used for burning and not stored as fat reserve. Thanks to the medium-chain of saturated fats in coconut oil, the oil does not increase cholesterol. Coconut oil is also stable when heated, precisely because of the saturated fatty acids.

Is sugar-free healthier?

With regard to sugars, at our bakery, we work with grain and fruit syrups instead of regular refined sugars. A high-fibre cookie of Billy’s Farm is therefore very suitable as a snack, but it is not a diet product.

So why make cookies with grain syrups? There are various reasons:

  • The result is cookies with a natural grain flavour and you taste the different ingredients better than with regular cookies, which are often rich in sugar.
  • It is a healthy alternative for people who do not tolerate sugars well, for instance because of an instable blood sugar level. Grain syrup contains long-chains of sugars, which guarantees that the energy is gradually released in the body.

Grains for natural food

In many of our cookies we use whole grains, purely grinded and thus rich in fibre. Because every type of grain has specific fibres and nutrients, we use various types of grains in our cookies.

Spelt is one of those tasteful grains with exceptional characteristics. The proteins found in spelt have a different structure than the proteins (gluten) in wheat. This type of grain does not exhibit such a great cross reaction with the immune system as many other grains do. That is why spelt is a healthy alternative for people with a wheat allergy. Kamut is another specific grain that is rich in magnesium, zinc and selenium. It also contains a far higher percentage of vitamin E. Both kamut and spelt contain gluten, which is why they are not recommended for people who suffer from celiac disease. Quinoa is not really a grain but a plant, which complies with a gluten-free diet. In our bakery, we only use it as a grain mixture due to the healthy characteristics. Finally, for us, oat is an indispensable ingredient due to its delicious flavour and the large amount of slowly digested carbohydrates and dietary fibres for good digestion.

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"Delicious organic,
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