About us
Billy’s Farm is the home brand of Bill’s Natuurbakkerij family business


Around 1985 Billy’s Farm was established by Klaas Bil under the name Bill’s Natuurbakkerij (Bill’s Natural Bakery). Klaas has always been a baker with a great passion for baking cookies. Klaas: “When I started my own business, my philosophy was that as a small-scale bakery I should focus on healthier cookies. The first cookies were baked in the 1980s in a farm near Oudkerk along the Elfsteden route in Friesland. The old stables and cowsheds of the farm were converted to a small, but pleasant bakery. The unique location gave rise to the name Billy’s Farm.”

With just an old kneading machine, a small roll-forming machine and oven, the bakery was very small-scale and extremely traditional in its early years. This first product of the bakery was the well-known Muesli cookie, a product that has hardly changed over the years and is still very popular among consumers. Although the company has grown and since 2007, is no longer located on the farm, the method of preparation and philosophy of Billy’s Farm remains the same. That is also precisely where Billy’s Farm strength lies: continue to operate on a small-scale in order to maintain the traditional bakery!

Family business

By now, Bill’s Natuurbakkerij and the brand Billy’s Farm exist for over thirty years. The family plays an important role in the bakery. Family members were always working in the bakery in order to deliver the healthy and delicious cookies of Billy’s Farm to the stores. Later, the bakery included several employees to assist in the production of the bakery. Guido & Sander Bil are Klaas’ sons and since 2015, they are closely involved in the daily affairs of the business. With new ideas, different knowledge and tons of enthusiasm, they will continue to ensure the existence of the bakery in the future. That makes Bill’s Natuurbakkerij a special family business with its own philosophy passed on from one generation to the next.

Bill’s Natuurbakkerij – Billy’s Farm
The bakery on the farm in Oudkerk in the 1980s

Our mission and vision

Over the years, the mission and vision of Bill’s Natuurbakkerij has never changed. The bakery wants to move with the time and implement this in its products. That is why new ingredients are always added to the recipes, so that the cookies will fit with the modern lifestyle. A perfect method of preparation and good baking process are always the number one priority. To achieve this, the production process and purchase of materials for the cookies is critically inspected on a daily basis. The origin of an ingredient plays an important role and Bill’s Natuurbakkerij is very careful about the purchase of materials. Our traditional quality is always the basis!

Eerste logo Billy’s Farm
The first logo of Billy’s Farm with the farm on it

An impression of the bakery: